Our Job is to Get You Your First Job in IT!

TechSkills Job Ready Program can help you get entry-level IT jobs

Just in the last 4 months, 67 students have landed IT jobs with our help. 

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Techskills Institute Job Ready Program

Why Techskills?

Techskills Institute has one of the best Job Ready Programs in Australia, with the highest success rates for students to landing IT jobs.

Kickstart Your Career in IT

Are you an IT student or graduate struggling to get a job in IT field? TechSkills Job Ready Program can help you kickstart your IT Career.

Training Platform

Our training platform is unique, designed by MSPs and industry experts, to provide real life experience for our students, to transform them into well prepared IT professionals from zero level.

Zero to Hero

TechSkills is established to help IT graduates learn real world technical skills, acquire industry certifications, and gain other various IT skills.

The program is developed in collaborations with IT industry professionals and Managed Service Providers… 


We have helped 100s of our students secure IT jobs. You can be the next. 


System | Network Support

It is no secret that information technology is a growing career field, with many opportunities available for students and graduates looking to join the race. But like every industry, there are some stepping stones to follow before getting an IT job.


Unlock your potential with our Data Analyst Job Ready Program: Dive deep into SQL, Excel, Python, and more, master visualization with Power BI and Tableau, and launch your career with hands-on experience.


We are one of the best Job Ready Program in Australia. 

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We are delighted to bring this unique opportunity where each students will become highly skilled Technical Support Specialist in real life upon completing our course.


We provide training to each student on personal level. We ensure each student gets to learn, practice, experience and exposed to a wide range of technologies and services used in real world business environments.


Our training facility is designed by Managed Service Providers in such a way each student’s environment is setup to be used by professional IT Support Specialists.
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All of our trainings and certification courses are delivered by very experienced professionals, who will also be able to share tricks of the trades, learned from years of experience.


TechSkills Job Ready Program or TechSkills Institute Job Ready Program

I went there for the bootcamp and the experience was really wonderful.
Prajwol Dhakal Official
Prajwol Dhakal Official
Wonderful Bootcamp hosted by TechSkills for IT students. There were several things to learn and they wrapped it up so beautifully with skills like Ticketing Systems, Azure Fundamentals, AD, Cloud Based Data Center and many more. I got to know valuable lessons while applying for a job and I will utilize these skills set to grow and evolve as a candidate of IT industry. Cheers Thank you TechSkills Team
Amer Riaz
Amer Riaz
TechSkills Institute has truly been a game-changer for me. Their curriculum is not only comprehensive but also meticulously designed to align with industry demands, ensuring that students are well-prepared for real-world challenges. What sets TechSkills Institute apart is its emphasis on hands-on learning, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. I can confidently say that my time at TechSkills Institute has equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic field of technology. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a cutting-edge tech education. In simple words, join TechSkills only and only if you really want to get a job in IT. They won’t sit idle until you get one.
Abiral sigdel
Abiral sigdel
Probably the best one training and the tutors were amazing and friendly one
Shakya Prayush
Shakya Prayush
Very helpful. Learned a lot at a short period of time

Thank you for your interest

Please note that this is a limited seat bootcamp. One of our team members will contact you for more information and confimation of your reservation.