TechSkills is established to help IT graduates turn into highly skilled Technical Support Specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Any IT students or graduates who wants to get real technical skills can enroll in our course. Our course is fully interactive and is intensive, extensive and specific, specially designed to make a newbie IT student into highly skilled IT Support Specialist.
No, we do not offer IT Jobs, but we will teach, train and provide required skills that will make you very skillful and confident, boosting your job opportunities. Since you will have the skills and resources needed you can find the IT job you deserve.

Our course is one of a kind, specially designed in collaboration with IT industry professionals and Managed Service Providers. Students need to be committed, dedicated, fast learner, and have a can do attitude. After successfully completing our course, you will become a highly skilled Technical Support Specialist, so to answer the question if you complete our program successfully we will guarantee that you will turn from a newbie to a highly skilled IT Professional.

After you complete our course successfully, you will become a highly skilled IT Support Specialist because you will have the required skills, trainings, exposed to a wide variety of technologies and services, resolved real technical real tickets, as well as certified with Office365 Fundamentals MS-900T01, Azure Fundamentals AZ-900, and Windows 10 MD-100T00.
A comprehensive training program designed to equip IT students and graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure their first job in the IT sector.
IT students and recent graduates who are looking to enhance their skills and secure their first IT job.

No, our program is designed for both beginners and those with some IT knowledge. We tailor our training to fit your needs.

Our program covers a range of IT skills, from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, ensuring you are well-prepared for the industry demands.

Besides technical training, we offer soft skills training, interview preparation, and real-world project experiences to make you a desirable candidate for employers.

Yes, graduates of the program receive a “Job Ready” certification, attesting to their competence and readiness for the IT job market.

While traditional IT degrees provide a broad academic foundation, our job-ready program is specifically tailored to meet the immediate needs of the IT job market, ensuring you have the practical skills employers are looking for.

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Please note that this is a limited seat bootcamp. One of our team members will contact you for more information and confimation of your reservation.