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End User SupportP: 02
Ticketing SystemP: 02
End User Device SupportP: 02
Server SupportP: 02
Managing Active Directory Users and GroupsP: 03
Company File SharingP: 03
Backup System SupportP: 03
Network SupportP: 03
End Point ProtectionP: 04
Printers/MFDs SupportP: 04
Cloud Technologies SupportP: 04
Microsoft Intune and MDMP: 04
Certification Training: AZ- 900, MS- 900 and CCNA (Optional)P: 05
Job Search AssistanceP: 05


Face To Face ClassTimeDuration
Saturday Slot10:00AM - 05:00PM6 Hours + 1 Hour Break
Monday Slot10:00AM - 05:00PM6 Hours + 1 Hour Break
Thursday Slot10:00AM - 05:00PM6 Hours + 1 Hour Break
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Topic 1

End User Support

Topic 2

IT Service Desk Ticketing System

Topic 3

End User Device Support

Topic 4

Servers Support

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Topic 5

Managing Active Directory Users and Groups

Topic 6

Company File Sharing Support

Topic 7

Backup Technologies and Support

Topic 8

Network/Internet Connection Support

Take the necessary steps to get the job you deserve!

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Topic 9

End Point Protection

Topic 10

Printers/Multifunction Devices

Topic 11

Cloud Technologies Support

Topic 12

Microsoft Intune and MDM

With hard work and determination, success will come to you!

techskills it carrer

Topic 13

Certification & Other Optional Training*

Job Search



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Rupam Sharma - IT Support Engineer
(Allianz Technology)

I am extremely grateful to TechSkills for creating a platform to learn industry based hand-on skills. Special thanks to my role models Biraj and Prasanna for always motivating and providing me with all the support.

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Nishil Patel - IT Support Specialist

I am happy to share that I am starting a new position as IT Support Specialist. Thank you so much TechSkills and all those mentors who supported me a lot to put footstep in my first IT Job.

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Rewan Bhattarai - IT Support Engineer
((NSW Government))

Thank you TechSkills so much for all your support and boosting my confidence to get this job. I wouldn't be able to share this good news without you all. I am so grateful I chose TechSkills.

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Pritu Wagle - Service Desk Analyst
(Herbert Smith)

TechSkills has been my real mentor throughout this training period. I feel so blessed to have such love, care and support from the team.

Join us to kick-start your career in IT. We can help you!

Thank you for your interest

Please note that this is a limited seat bootcamp. One of our team members will contact you for more information and confimation of your reservation.